We provide a large range of boat repairs and maintenance services including but not limited to - 

  • Anti fouling
  • GRP repairs
  • Rig checks, repairs and replacement rigging
  • Outboard repairs, maintenance and servicing
  • Inboard repairs, maintenance and servicing
  • Boat sales
  • Pressure washing

We can cater for the above and more, just give us a call and we will arrange a free quotation. (Some specialist jobs may incur a call out charge and this will be stated to you before they are asked to attend.)

As we are based at Wilsons Boatyard on Hayling Island there may be occasions that we require the boat brought to us here for the repair to be carried out. In this event there may be layup costs, cranage charges etc to consider. As with all our work we will always give you any costs up front to prevent any nasty surprises.

We now offer a cheap alternative to selling your boat. Selling your boat can become very complicated and time consuming. Do you sell it yourself? Do you pay a small fortune to a broker? How much should you advertise it for? There are so many variables. To take the stress out of this we offer an introducer service only. What this means is that we will take photos of your boat, market this through a variety of channels, provide you a valuation that we believe is achievable (which you do not have to accept, you may want more or less), qualify enquiries to limit time wasters, provide you with regular updates and we will also conduct all the viewings for you. This is where the service stops so once the prospective buyer is ready to make you an offer, they go direct to you. You sort out the payment and paperwork between you. Easy Peasy! 

​All our services are available to any boat, large or small so do not hesitate to give us a call.

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